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T.G.G. Here:

For those of you on top of your game, you already know that Grille Delivery is up and running.

What some of you may not know is that Grille Delivery is the one source for you to get Wings from the Grille… That’s right…  Grille Delivery sells and delivers Chicken Wings.  Currently there are three sauce flavors to choose from: Buffalo, Chipotle Ranch, and Wings of Fire (extra Hot.)

Should you want a menu of all the items available for delivery you need only go to the Grille Events web pages for detailed instructions on getting the collectible Grille Delivery Menu.

Oh, and while over at the Grille Events pages, the Grille Staff – in the interest of keeping the students on the cutting edge of time wasting multitasking, has provided both “Something To Do While Your Waiting” (click the picture of Fred) and wait there’s more… for your pleasure and as a reward for visiting here “One Hour of Cluck’n Good Fun.”

Enjoy & remember to ask for napkins when ordering wings as “Sauce Stains” hurt the resale value of your text books.

T.G.G. Here:

In my wanderings through the hallowed halls of McCullough it never ceases to amaze me what I might see, find, read or overhear…

My most recent discovery deals directly with a delicious delectable decidedly dedicated to Delivery Orders ONLY!  Apparently the Grille Staff have brazenly braced themselves for the requisitioned receipt of rather copious quantities of cut celery sticks, hot sauce and blue cheese dressing…

This must most measurably mean: (figure it out)

A)  The Admin, concerned about “The Freshman 15″ commissioned another costly consultant to construct the Delivery Menu.

B)  The Dining Committee, consumed with perceived super powers, made a blatant bureaucratic blunder when last contemplating the vast volumes of comment cards recently received.

C)  P.E.T.A. may soon target every Middkid for contributing to flightless fate of our favored foul friends (gallus domesticus) – Darwin be damned!

So you have three guesses and the first two don’t count (in any case, they’re lettered.)

I do so love lively alliteraions.

Delivery Details

T.G.G. Here:

We’ve made it through the first official seven days of the term.  Only 11 more weeks to go.  Speaking of which – to go and seven days that is – for those of you who have visited The Grille’s community web pages on the Middlebury server… this post may be old news… 

But starting in seven days (Sunday Sept. 21, 2008) the Grille will begin delivery Sundays through Wednesday 9 PM to 1 AM.  The Women’s Rugby Club is the first group to provide delivery service.  They are raising money to send the team to Ireland.  Go ladies.

New to delivery will be an offering of “a specialty pie of the night” for delivery only… and an often requested but previously unavailable item for delivery and delivery only… 

Here’s a hint…


Make a guess???

if you think you know than make a guess.


If you want information on how you too can raise money with delivery or just how to get food delivered to you or how to get a menu well go to the community web pages for The Grille and click the Delivery Button and check out all the links.  (For kicks and giggles be sure to click on “Fred” from the how to get food delivered page.)

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