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T.G.G. Here:

We are also about to embark on the close of the second “official” week & its end at “Club-Midd” A.K.A. “The Bubble.”

Hope you at least made the Midd activities fair in week one and signed up for something interesting  & challenging… by the way in my hovering I did not find the “Skeet Shooting Club” are they defunct????

Any whooo … to demonstrate “The Hold, “I , T.G.G., have on the workings of The Grille “administration” just look at some of the pics from this past week end that I have spooked management into taking.

Due to me only recently coming of age in the computer era if you want to see the picture slide show you will need to download the file here – Go ahead and make T.G.G. a “trusted entity.” Its a quicktime movie but will play in real player also.

Clearly these Grille Patrons know how to bookend a week.

Delivery Details

T.G.G. Here:

We’ve made it through the first official seven days of the term.  Only 11 more weeks to go.  Speaking of which – to go and seven days that is – for those of you who have visited The Grille’s community web pages on the Middlebury server… this post may be old news… 

But starting in seven days (Sunday Sept. 21, 2008) the Grille will begin delivery Sundays through Wednesday 9 PM to 1 AM.  The Women’s Rugby Club is the first group to provide delivery service.  They are raising money to send the team to Ireland.  Go ladies.

New to delivery will be an offering of “a specialty pie of the night” for delivery only… and an often requested but previously unavailable item for delivery and delivery only… 

Here’s a hint…


Make a guess???

if you think you know than make a guess.


If you want information on how you too can raise money with delivery or just how to get food delivered to you or how to get a menu well go to the community web pages for The Grille and click the Delivery Button and check out all the links.  (For kicks and giggles be sure to click on “Fred” from the how to get food delivered page.)

Well it sure has been fun these past few days watching “First-Years” & returning students try and find their way around McCullough.  Clearly, college wide E-Mails get a very quick delete more often than a cursory read.  (And just why should they be read?   They won’t appear in any exam.)

So the hilarity of watching (and assisting) both neophytes to the corridors of McCullough and the Veterans of these hallowed & honored halls become turned about…twisted…disoriented and down right lost… has been a delightful distraction for me, T.G.G., over the past two weeks.

But given all the frustrations I have witnessed due to the construction renovations and subsequent detours that the worker bees in the E.C.S. have installed in McCullough, I offer the following photo slide show to assist you in finding your Grille Goodies; the box office for tickets to Blackalicious; your mail & yes dear doting parents – a recharge on the laundry card (which won’t be used this semester until just before parents arrive for Fall Family Weekend.)

Where Oh Where am I

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