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The Grille Ghost (T.G.G.) here:

So a great number, a few people, one person has asked what happened to your postings?

Well truth be known, after some ribbing about my past posts, it was decided by the powers that can’t let things be, that I take a sabbatical to enrich the depth and breadth of my coverage.  So with that in mind, I left my hallowed haunts of McCullough and toured all, many, some, six other fine eating establishments to procure the proffered wisdom the worlds finest chefs had to offer. 

Now let me tell you, there are some fine ideas floating around the food industry these days and I hope to be able to share some ideas with my fine friends at The Grille.  I just hope that the ideas I share are not pilfered, plagiarized or preempted by the dining committee before the Grille staff has a crack at them. 

Just image what I learned from the establishments below…











And for the random reason the Grille may need to close here is one last item from which we may learn.



T.G.G. Here:

Beautiful day… and the start  of  F.F.F. (Fall Family Weekend.)  If the staff at the Grille were not already tuned into the College Calendar… the run on the bank er requests for change of twenty’s to five’s at the Juice Bar the last few days clearly indicates that the “Rents” are due… to inspect & detect this weekend.

Chances are given the amount of $5.00 bills requested:

  1. The Mac Gray Machines have had a work out.
  2. Students have been hard pressed to find an empty washer or dryer on campus.
  3. At long last… you’ll find clean sheets with this weekend’s hookups er, sleep-overs & slumber parties.

In all honesty, my fiendish friends, this weekend is meant to be enjoyed.  So savor it and get all the foliage photo ops & free hand outs that you can.

A reminder/saving grace – for those frosh freshmen floundering fools flighty airheads seniors stuck in thesis carrels students who forgot to book dinner reservations in town (or anywhere between Middlebury and Montreal for that matter.) – The Grille will be open and the staff happy to save your 4$$ serve you & yours.

Indeed, the Grille serves much more than a 1:57 AM Dr. Feelgood… there are Diner Entrees served on real plates with a salad and starch.  You can even  over come your absentmindedness and failure to reserve elsewhere by suggesting that you really wanted the “Rents” to taste firsthand the Alaskan salmon the grille imports just for you… or the new to the menu Tuscan grilled cheese that is available to you as a MiddKid.  Best of all you can show the folks how “environmentally aware” and cutting edge the Grille is by buying the family smoothies served in compostable cups made of corn (ask the staff… they’ve been using them for years.)

Most of all have fun with the family and remember we all want you to be safe so heed the following:

T.G.G. Here:

Yes, I know its October and every year about this time any ghoul, goblin or hack with anything remotely resembling haunted will prostitute‡ itself beyond the pales of self-respect. 

Apparently, it is not enough that I must stave off the pleas for posts by T.P.P. (The Proctor Poltergeist) but now the College is attempting to import Nationally Known Ghosts.   Most frightening of all The Career Service Office has even gotten on board to entice the unsuspecting student into {insert aloud your own Gastly Ghoulish Gasps} considering a career after college (Econ-Majors take note.)  I am not sure but would guess the usual C.S.O. offering of the Wall Street 101  course is in redevelopment.  

If you have no clue – at least to what I am referring to in this post - here is a reprint of the email (that like the many other emails distributed to all students surprisingly was deleted.)   In all honesty, if T.G.G. could - T.G.G. would attend, so check it out… you never know what lurks ahead… it may even be a carreer.

White House Ghosts: Presidents and Their Speechwriters  

by   Robert Schlesinger ’94 U.S. News and World Report  

12:15 p.m., Friday, October 3, 2008

Robert A. Jones ’59 House conference room.  

 A Career Conversation with students will be held immediately following the lecture.   

Robert Schlesinger, a U.S.News and World Report deputy editor, oversees all opinion editorial content. Spearheading the opinion section of, Schlesinger solicits op-eds from writers and bloggers nationwide. He is also author of White House Ghosts: Presidents and Their Speechwriters , which the Wall Street Journal describes as “well researched and richly detailed.” Schlesinger came to U.S.News & World Report as a freelancer and blogger for a variety of publications, including,, the Huffington Post, and the New York Times Magazine. His work has also appeared in the Washington Monthly, the Weekly Standard, People, Campaigns & Elections, Washington DC Style, DC Magazine, the Washington Examiner, the Boston Globe Magazine, George, and the AARP Bulletin. Prior to joining U.S. News, Schlesinger covered national security and public policy issues for the Boston Globe’s Washington bureau. He previously served as chief congressional correspondent at, political editor at The Hill newspaper, and researched advisers to presidential candidates at the Center for Public Integrity, co-writing “Under the Influence,” a 1996 report on presidential campaign advisers. He is also co-founder and co-contributor of the blog RobertEmmet, which covers topics from national security to entertainment and culture. Schlesinger teaches graduate-level political journalism at the Boston University Washington Journalism Center. A New York City native, he graduated from Middlebury College in 1994.


 ‡(tansitive verb definition # 1 from Encarta Dictionary – look it up before taking offense)


T.G.G. Here:

Being an aberration adoration apparition of overwhelmingly astute observation, I understand how well oh so many Midd Students follow the National Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates & ensuing Election. 

But also being a spirit well connected to the vast free spirits in cyber space, I have the good fortune of being able to share this wealth of the weird with you my loyal fans.   Indeed, my friends at the League of Drag Queen Voters or LDQV as they are known, (I kid you not they exist just check out Seven Daysand you can purchase their paraphernalia {t-shirts, caps & cups} at cafepress) just sent me access to the the only preparation you need to enjoy understand the VP Debates.


  The Game has instructions on it and will keep you riveted beyond appearance and focused to the candidates’ words.  Print out copies for yourself and a few friends and see who really wins.

T.G.G. Here:

Last week during the lead in to the Presidential Debates, the Grille was filled to capacity with members of the College Community listening intently to the Panelist Discussion regarding the state of the economy.  This event was graciously organized by the College Democrats with the assistance of The Grille Staff and MCAB Tech Crew.  Thanks to you all we had a great turn out & I’ve posted some pictures below. 

But shortly following this discussion I was alerted to the wise investment plans of some college students nation wide that have made out better with their investment portfolio than the folks on wall street.  Here goes…

The Savvy Stock investors who purchased $1000.00 of Nortel shares a year ago, now have a whopping $49.00 to show for these share.

The same fools that invested in World Com would have less than $5.00 left of the original $1,000.00

 But, if you purchased $1000.00 worth of beer one year ago, drank all the beer, then turned in the cans for recycling, you would have $214.00.
      Based on the above conditions, the practice of drinking heavily and recycling may prove the best current investment practice for some. 
Individual results may vary.  Past performance does not indicate future results.  Consult your investment advisor, tax consultant and phlebotamist for liver function before embarking on any particular plan of investment.  Please drink responsibly. (Our legal & investment advisors from Hood, Winked & Fleeced require the last few sentences.)

      I know, it is hard for the Grille Managers to stay focused.

T.G.G. Here:

For those of you on top of your game, you already know that Grille Delivery is up and running.

What some of you may not know is that Grille Delivery is the one source for you to get Wings from the Grille… That’s right…  Grille Delivery sells and delivers Chicken Wings.  Currently there are three sauce flavors to choose from: Buffalo, Chipotle Ranch, and Wings of Fire (extra Hot.)

Should you want a menu of all the items available for delivery you need only go to the Grille Events web pages for detailed instructions on getting the collectible Grille Delivery Menu.

Oh, and while over at the Grille Events pages, the Grille Staff – in the interest of keeping the students on the cutting edge of time wasting multitasking, has provided both “Something To Do While Your Waiting” (click the picture of Fred) and wait there’s more… for your pleasure and as a reward for visiting here “One Hour of Cluck’n Good Fun.”

Enjoy & remember to ask for napkins when ordering wings as “Sauce Stains” hurt the resale value of your text books.

T.G.G. Here:

These first few weeks of Bloging have proved to have a sharp technical learning curve & I am still haunting the folks at LIS, much to their dismay.

But while I have been attempting to enter the “information age of the superhighway,” so too have the Grille Staff.  To those of you ordering Delivery or waiting on line at the Grille on Sunday between 9:38 PM and 10:12 PM the staff offers their sincere thanks for your patience and good humor. Many shout outs to the Cashiers and First Time Delivery Staff that managed to keep the place operational with none other than paper, pencil and some super speed synapses in their hard drive gray matter.

For those of you who were not present lets simply say that system errors happen… and sorting them out can be itchy.  

Of course fixing both my blogging woes and system crashes at the Grille would be so much easier if we received understandable messages like these…

And my personal favorite…










T.G.G. Here:

We are also about to embark on the close of the second “official” week & its end at “Club-Midd” A.K.A. “The Bubble.”

Hope you at least made the Midd activities fair in week one and signed up for something interesting  & challenging… by the way in my hovering I did not find the “Skeet Shooting Club” are they defunct????

Any whooo … to demonstrate “The Hold, “I , T.G.G., have on the workings of The Grille “administration” just look at some of the pics from this past week end that I have spooked management into taking.

Due to me only recently coming of age in the computer era if you want to see the picture slide show you will need to download the file here – Go ahead and make T.G.G. a “trusted entity.” Its a quicktime movie but will play in real player also.

Clearly these Grille Patrons know how to bookend a week.

T.G.G. Here:

In my wanderings through the hallowed halls of McCullough it never ceases to amaze me what I might see, find, read or overhear…

My most recent discovery deals directly with a delicious delectable decidedly dedicated to Delivery Orders ONLY!  Apparently the Grille Staff have brazenly braced themselves for the requisitioned receipt of rather copious quantities of cut celery sticks, hot sauce and blue cheese dressing…

This must most measurably mean: (figure it out)

A)  The Admin, concerned about “The Freshman 15″ commissioned another costly consultant to construct the Delivery Menu.

B)  The Dining Committee, consumed with perceived super powers, made a blatant bureaucratic blunder when last contemplating the vast volumes of comment cards recently received.

C)  P.E.T.A. may soon target every Middkid for contributing to flightless fate of our favored foul friends (gallus domesticus) – Darwin be damned!

So you have three guesses and the first two don’t count (in any case, they’re lettered.)

I do so love lively alliteraions.

T.G.G. here:

A very dedicated cybersurfer of The Grille’s community web site on the Middlebury server sent yours truly (T.G.G.) and e-mail in which this fan wrote how much fun was had with “One hour of Cluckin’ Good Fun.” 

Apparently, this was so much fun that the fan actually ordered the game for the price.  Out of homage to our fan, T.G.G. has purchased several Grille Gift Certificates for the fan’s redemption at the Grille.

We have also been alerted to another addicting game or time waster if your up to the challenge.  But I warn you this is addicting and challenging enough of its own accord that one may want to avoid high end meditation when attempting as I would wager that altered states and the game do not mix well.  I prefer the game with the sound off as the sound track is eerily odd.

Tell T.G.G. what you think and you too may be a wiener winner.

T.G.G here:

Well as you know by now Grille Delivery begins in five (5) short days.  But what I forgot to mention in the original post on Delivery was that a good friend who teaches us all about the good things sent us this video link to remind our readers that also added to this years delivery menu is the availability to order a Box O’ Joe and a dozen cookies or a Half Gallon of milk & two Dozen Cookies.  So if your meeting, rehersal or study group is in the weeds and you need to perk up or ensure the availabity of munchies then remember to call for delivery.

Delivery Details

T.G.G. Here:

We’ve made it through the first official seven days of the term.  Only 11 more weeks to go.  Speaking of which – to go and seven days that is – for those of you who have visited The Grille’s community web pages on the Middlebury server… this post may be old news… 

But starting in seven days (Sunday Sept. 21, 2008) the Grille will begin delivery Sundays through Wednesday 9 PM to 1 AM.  The Women’s Rugby Club is the first group to provide delivery service.  They are raising money to send the team to Ireland.  Go ladies.

New to delivery will be an offering of “a specialty pie of the night” for delivery only… and an often requested but previously unavailable item for delivery and delivery only… 

Here’s a hint…


Make a guess???

if you think you know than make a guess.


If you want information on how you too can raise money with delivery or just how to get food delivered to you or how to get a menu well go to the community web pages for The Grille and click the Delivery Button and check out all the links.  (For kicks and giggles be sure to click on “Fred” from the how to get food delivered page.)

To Die for Dice:-)

T.G.G. here:

So its the first “Thirsty Thursday” of the semester, and many students who were not on campus last Spring Term have no clue…  

The Dice Are Down!

about dice.

So heres the skinny…

The Dice Drop Down below the menu board at The Grille as a visual clue to those in queue without a clue.  The dice act as the signal that we are nearing the end of the business day for the Grille.  The kitchen stops taking orders at 2:00 AM.  After 2 AM, we will sell for a limited time and while supplies last – cookies, drinks & any slices of pie that are baked off and available to sell.


If you see the dice you may also notice a sign similar to the following:

 Are you lucky?


The Grill stops taking orders at 2:00 AM.

Waiting in line at this hour of the day is a gamble, and

you may run the risk of not being served.


Much like rolling the dice, if you’re lucky, and things roll your way -

you just might win.*


* Warning: gambeling can be addictive and cause unintended problems.  No offer of services or goods is intended or implied by this advertisement.  It is solely for educational puposes.  Please seek out a manager for details.  Not valid in AZ, TX, FL, MA, Guam, the Marshall Islands and where otherwise prohibited. 



 Take it from one who knows (T.G.G.) -

Just as in Vegas, the odds are in the house’s favor, so if you want to ensure you do get served obseve the following points:

  • If you find yourself in line when the dice are down, know what you will order before you get to the cashier.
  • If you find yourself in line when the dice are down, remind the person in front of you to know what they are ordering.
  • If you find yourself in line when the dice are down, be prepared to pay promptly – have your card or cash available.
  • If you find yourself in line when the dice are down, encourge the patrons in front of you to have their card or cash readily available.
  • If you find yourself in line when the dice are down, resetting your watch won’t make any difference to the kitchen.
  • To avoid finding yourself in line when the dice are down, slip away a drink or two earlier.
  • If the point above is likely to escape you (as it has me before) take out your cell phone now - no joke, right now while your reading this - and program the alarm to ring at 1 AM so you will remember to get to 14 Old Chapel Road before those with no clue about dice start to queue.

Most of all “Laissez les bons temps rouler!”


T.G.G. here…

As a public service announcement for those of you who have set up your E-mail folders to delete E-mails that contain “All” in the subject line.  You may have missed the following:

ERIC SCHLOSSER, Author of A “Fast Food Nation”

Will be speaking on campus this Wednesday

September 10th at 4:30 in Dana.

Of course should you miss out on dinner because you went to the lecture, you can always get a fast quick bite to eat at the Grille.  The crackpot cracked-up Cracker Jack management team at the Grille has contracted with a nationally well known consultant to provide the staff with his expert video trainings on all aspects of customer service and speed.

Here is one of the consultant’s most recent training clips.

Improve service through monitored sales speed.

Welcome to  You’ve found one of several virtual locations for the Grille and I, The Grille Ghost am your host for the fun and adventure you will have herein.  See if you can locate the other two virtual locations where I am currently up and running.

Just as the title to this post indicates, while I, The Grille Ghost (T.G.G.) am illusionary – a mere mirage on the screen before your eyes –  the bricks and mortar site of The Grille located at McCullough Hall, 14 Old Chapel Road is not dead.  You can still get food at The Grille.

Despite the fact that north side of McCullough Hall is has become an Emerald City Suburb (ECS) - 

(That is to say the large Emerald City that surrounded the Old Starr Library last year during the construction  the renovations that transformed the building into The Donald Everett Axinn ’51 Center for Literary and Cultural Studies at Starr Library has birthed a smaller version of itself outside McCullough.) - 

The Grille, Juice Bar & Midd-Express are still open and operating.  Beginning Monday September 8 th The Grille & Juice Bar will return to their regular 2 AM closing.  Until that time check the posted schedules as closing times will vary.

Please leave a shout out to T.G.G. here and see what transpires. 

Also check back soon to see future posts such as:

  • A tour of the ECS and Associated construction renovations.

  • New menu features

  • Delivery Details

  • Party Hearty

  • Operation Exploration

  • To Die For Dice

  • CH3CH2OH & What you need to CH-N-OH

  • More Wings than Red Bull


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