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As the title to the post admits, life is enough of a challenge – nuf said.

But then those crack pot, cracked up, cracker jack managers at The Grille now decide to challenge the student body.  What gives?

Well it seems that in the effort to cross the divide between students and faculty, they are offering free food.  Can I say this often enough to poor starving college students… Free Food. 

So whats the challenge?   Well, in order to get the “complementary edibles” offered, students need to bring a professor to the Grille/Juice Bar on a Friday and have a drink together.  Remember Dr. Peluso’s advice to prevent Flying Pigs, Swine Flu,H1N1 virus you and your professor should each have your own glass.  The Grille staff will provide your table with an appropriate accompaniment of free food.

If you have not yet seen the posters check this out.

challange proff


Wonder of Wonders, Fridays also happen to be the day to join the Champagne Campaign and Dollar Buds.  Remember this offer is good an all beverages offered at The Grille and even better with some.   State laws regarding alcohol sales apply.

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