That Old Red Clown’s Got Nothing on The Grille…

Hello All, T.G.G. here:

Well all Summer long that most hallowed of sacred American institutions with the bright golden arches – you know the one with the silly mascot with red hair…RZCA14ZVOVCA7U6QRVCALQ4B2NCA4E66KKCARQ8BN2CAVZ1IZ2CAOMAE2QCA302YZMCA184CQ5CA7242GCCA4H95HWCAYZFN4HCAHHUZ6ICALMJ7UWCAJAAF00CA8BZRQICAVRXBW5CAZIS8CYCAGI72OO

Yep, that the one…

Well they’ve been pushing their McCafe with that silly accent igloo, eek-goo, A-glue, aigu in their ads and such.

So, not to be out done, out marketed or even out foxed I have my own CAFE thing going on… yes,siree, I have hacked my way into a world beyond 14 Old Chapel Road and entered the brave new world of the Cyber Marketplace.

Indeed, for those of you that can appreciate the discerning crass acerbic cynical funny taste of your host, The Grille Ghost, then check out our pages on Cafe Press.  Please get a bumber sticker.

Oh well, I’d best get back to my haunts.


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