September 23, 2009

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The Grille Ghost (T.G.G.) here:

So a great number, a few people, one person has asked what happened to your postings?

Well truth be known, after some ribbing about my past posts, it was decided by the powers that can’t let things be, that I take a sabbatical to enrich the depth and breadth of my coverage.  So with that in mind, I left my hallowed haunts of McCullough and toured all, many, some, six other fine eating establishments to procure the proffered wisdom the worlds finest chefs had to offer. 

Now let me tell you, there are some fine ideas floating around the food industry these days and I hope to be able to share some ideas with my fine friends at The Grille.  I just hope that the ideas I share are not pilfered, plagiarized or preempted by the dining committee before the Grille staff has a crack at them. 

Just image what I learned from the establishments below…











And for the random reason the Grille may need to close here is one last item from which we may learn.



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