What the F. F. F. It’s here already?

T.G.G. Here:

Beautiful day… and the start  of  F.F.F. (Fall Family Weekend.)  If the staff at the Grille were not already tuned into the College Calendar… the run on the bank er requests for change of twenty’s to five’s at the Juice Bar the last few days clearly indicates that the “Rents” are due… to inspect & detect this weekend.

Chances are given the amount of $5.00 bills requested:

  1. The Mac Gray Machines have had a work out.
  2. Students have been hard pressed to find an empty washer or dryer on campus.
  3. At long last… you’ll find clean sheets with this weekend’s hookups er, sleep-overs & slumber parties.

In all honesty, my fiendish friends, this weekend is meant to be enjoyed.  So savor it and get all the foliage photo ops & free hand outs that you can.

A reminder/saving grace – for those frosh freshmen floundering fools flighty airheads seniors stuck in thesis carrels students who forgot to book dinner reservations in town (or anywhere between Middlebury and Montreal for that matter.) – The Grille will be open and the staff happy to save your 4$$ serve you & yours.

Indeed, the Grille serves much more than a 1:57 AM Dr. Feelgood… there are Diner Entrees served on real plates with a salad and starch.  You can even  over come your absentmindedness and failure to reserve elsewhere by suggesting that you really wanted the “Rents” to taste firsthand the Alaskan salmon the grille imports just for you… or the new to the menu Tuscan grilled cheese that is available to you as a MiddKid.  Best of all you can show the folks how “environmentally aware” and cutting edge the Grille is by buying the family smoothies served in compostable cups made of corn (ask the staff… they’ve been using them for years.)

Most of all have fun with the family and remember we all want you to be safe so heed the following:

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