Erogenous, er… Erronius Error Messages

T.G.G. Here:

These first few weeks of Bloging have proved to have a sharp technical learning curve & I am still haunting the folks at LIS, much to their dismay.

But while I have been attempting to enter the “information age of the superhighway,” so too have the Grille Staff.  To those of you ordering Delivery or waiting on line at the Grille on Sunday between 9:38 PM and 10:12 PM the staff offers their sincere thanks for your patience and good humor. Many shout outs to the Cashiers and First Time Delivery Staff that managed to keep the place operational with none other than paper, pencil and some super speed synapses in their hard drive gray matter.

For those of you who were not present lets simply say that system errors happen… and sorting them out can be itchy.  

Of course fixing both my blogging woes and system crashes at the Grille would be so much easier if we received understandable messages like these…

And my personal favorite…










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