September 18, 2008

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T.G.G. Here:

In my wanderings through the hallowed halls of McCullough it never ceases to amaze me what I might see, find, read or overhear…

My most recent discovery deals directly with a delicious delectable decidedly dedicated to Delivery Orders ONLY!  Apparently the Grille Staff have brazenly braced themselves for the requisitioned receipt of rather copious quantities of cut celery sticks, hot sauce and blue cheese dressing…

This must most measurably mean: (figure it out)

A)  The Admin, concerned about “The Freshman 15″ commissioned another costly consultant to construct the Delivery Menu.

B)  The Dining Committee, consumed with perceived super powers, made a blatant bureaucratic blunder when last contemplating the vast volumes of comment cards recently received.

C)  P.E.T.A. may soon target every Middkid for contributing to flightless fate of our favored foul friends (gallus domesticus) – Darwin be damned!

So you have three guesses and the first two don’t count (in any case, they’re lettered.)

I do so love lively alliteraions.

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