September 16, 2008

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T.G.G. here:

A very dedicated cybersurfer of The Grille’s community web site on the Middlebury server sent yours truly (T.G.G.) and e-mail in which this fan wrote how much fun was had with “One hour of Cluckin’ Good Fun.” 

Apparently, this was so much fun that the fan actually ordered the game for the price.  Out of homage to our fan, T.G.G. has purchased several Grille Gift Certificates for the fan’s redemption at the Grille.

We have also been alerted to another addicting game or time waster if your up to the challenge.  But I warn you this is addicting and challenging enough of its own accord that one may want to avoid high end meditation when attempting as I would wager that altered states and the game do not mix well.  I prefer the game with the sound off as the sound track is eerily odd.

Tell T.G.G. what you think and you too may be a wiener winner.

T.G.G here:

Well as you know by now Grille Delivery begins in five (5) short days.  But what I forgot to mention in the original post on Delivery was that a good friend who teaches us all about the good things sent us this video link to remind our readers that also added to this years delivery menu is the availability to order a Box O’ Joe and a dozen cookies or a Half Gallon of milk & two Dozen Cookies.  So if your meeting, rehersal or study group is in the weeds and you need to perk up or ensure the availabity of munchies then remember to call for delivery.

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