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Staff Meeting 1/27/13

January 28, 2013 by Alexa Dessy

As this was our last meeting of J-term, we said our sad goodbyes to the senior febs, Hannah, Emmy, Harriet and Anna, four of the original members of GlobeMed at Middlebury. As members of the first GROW team, the E-board and meaningful contributors to meetings and projects, all four girls have had an invaluable and lasting impact on our chapter. Special thanks to Hannah for being a wonderful president and significant leader in our community. Hannah played an essential role in the transformation of our chapter into what it is today. We will miss you all dearly and wish you the best!

In the meeting, we discussed the updates we have received from GHI and hope to support them in their upcoming projects. Don’t forget to “like” GHI on facebook if you haven’t already!

In GlobalHealthU, we transitioned into track 3. To review, track 2 addressed the question, what are human rights? We looked at the 4 perspectives of the philosopher, the historian, the lawyer and the politician. We also asked, is health a human right? The case studies of Partners in Health, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and classical liberalism allowed us concrete models on which to base our discussion.

Track 3 is entitled, You and Your Values. We examined what we truly value through an activity in which we defined “health as a human right” by narrowing down a list of all of the aspects of health one by one, until only one item is remaining. The following list demonstrates our chapter’s priorities in defining health in order of most important to least important:

primary medical care, food security/nutrition, clean water, income stability, education, sanitation, decent housing, security, mental health, environmental stability, specialty medical care, spiritual health

In discussing our reasons for choosing certain items over others, we discussed our definitions of basic human needs and what our ideal systems of healthcare, education and sanitation would include. We discussed the immediate versus long term effects of the items on the list as well as the effects for individuals versus the population at large.

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