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Football has been a large part of Middlebury’s campus life since its inception in the late 1800’s. There have been countless players, fans, coaches, and others that have been associated with the program; all of these individuals have stories to tell and memories that are unique. From the Saturday afternoon in 1923 when the small school of Middlebury tied the football powerhouse known as the Harvard Crimson, to winning a NESCAC championship in 2007, the Panther football team has grown accustomed to success. The state series of Vermont, in which Middlebury took on University of Vermont and St. Michael’s, was one of the most competitive series in college football in the early twentieth century. Today, the state series no longer exists, but Middlebury’s shootouts with Massachusetts rivals Williams and Amherst always promises to be entertaining. This website will look into the formative years of Middlebury football and what football can do for such a small school. It will also touch on recent history of one of the most successful division III programs in the country.

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