Middlebury FoodWorks Positions Available for Summer 2014!

Jan 15th, 2014

Middlebury FoodWorks Positions Available for Summer 2014 Apply Now through MOJO Live and learn together about food and food systems while doing cool and meaningful work in your area of interest! Paid positions with 21 businesses and organizations in Louisville, KY and Vermont.  Work in  [...]

Zac Lounsbury


Zac is a rising Junior feb (’15.5) double Geography and Theatre major at Middlebury College. He’s had an interest in food since his first bite of his grandmother’s lasagna, but has become personally invested in food issues more recently. He worked for the past two  [...]

Learning to Homestead

My independent study most clearly relates to the topic of sustainability. I wanted to know how “sustainable” local can get. When we toss around the word Local, we could mean 80 miles away; we could mean the other side of the state. What would it  [...]