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The Resistance

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Chasing Dorota

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Machinima and Vidding

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Hi all–

Here’s a link to the conversation about Machinima and vidding I mentioned in class. Feel free to share your thoughts, either in comments to this post or in class!

[Also, if you’re interested, do check out the larger series of fan debates that this conversation was a part of…]

Protected: Vid Screening

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Remix Video Screening

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Lessig’s Webside/Wireside Chat

Lessig on Colbert

Stephen’s Remix Challenge

Flow links & Twitter as discussion tool

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You can find links to the various position papers at the Flow conference here. Many dealt with questions of audience address and engagement, as well as with the impact of new/digital media on audiences.

To get a sense of the possibilities and limitations of twitter as a backchannel, explore the #flow10 hashtag here.