Screening Prompts: Vid Screening

What modes of masculinity and femininity do we see represented in vids? How do these vids make meaning out of their combinations of source texts? Do they transform or reinforce the gender representations on offer in their source texts? How might we understand these vids as the product of negotatiated viewing? How might we understand these vids as manifesting the power of identification (as discussed by Stacey)? How do these vids offer queer readings or negotiatiate between heteronormative and queer readings?

I’d recommend that if you choose to write your 1 page paper on vids, you choose one or two and perform a sustained analysis, rather than trying to talk about them all en masse.

Screening Prompts: Queer as Folk & Sherlock

With Doty’s expansive definition of queerness in mind, what queer meanings are available in Queer as Folk, and what queer meanings are available in Sherlock? How might you compare the queer meanings offered in Queer as Folk to those available in Sherlock?

Conversely, can you locate elements of the heteronormative in these two episodes/series (in narrative structure, for example, or in their use of genre codes) as well as elements of queerness? How do the two interact/coexist within one text?

And finally, how does this challenge of watching a series through a particular lens (which may or not be a mode of viewing familiar to you, and may or may not match with your own narrative of self and sexuality) impact your experience of the series? Does this become an act of negotiated viewing? Does it change the way you view the media texts in their entirety? Do the queer meanings transform your understanding of the work of the whole series?

Questions for Doty or Gauntlett

Post your questions for the Doty *or* the Gauntlett readings here. Or, if you like, post a question that responds to or integrates the two readings. But remember that you only need to write one question this week. Please do read both readings though, as we’ll be drawing on both in class and for your prompts.