Grading Breakdown

  • *Attendance and Participation 15%
  • Short (5 one-page) Screening Responses with opportunity to rewrite 25%
  • Group zine & individual blurb 10%
  • Reading Questions 15%
  • Midterm DIY textual analysis 10%
  • Final Paper and In Class Conference 25%

*Attendance and participation are a crucial part of this course. More than four unexcused absences will result in an F for the course. Participation must include both class discussion and participation in the online class discussions, either on twitter or on the class blog in the forum pages. Tweets must include hashtag #gsm; you can also use other hashtags, such as screening title etc. In order to ensure full credit, please email me with your username so I know who you are and can give you full credit for your twitter activity