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Last reading questions!

Post your question in response to your choice from the following:

Kafai and Heeter, Part 4 (Changing Girls, Changing Games) 193-263. (Choose one essay, or ask a question of the section intro)


Gender and Fan Studies Debate Round 2 Parts 1, 2, and comments (Link in week by week breakdown)

Reading Question for Kafai and Heeter, take 1

For tomorrow, your readings come from the Beyond Barbie and Mortal Kombat book. Just choose one of the essays to base your question on–your pick, based on which essay speaks to you most.

As a reminder, the assigned readings are as follows:

  • Kafai and Heeter (Beyond Barbie and Mortal Kombat) Preface.
  • Kafai and Heeter, Part 1 (Reflections on a Decade of Gender and Gaming) 1-46.