Final Paper/Project

There are five choices listed below, but if you have another idea for a focus that doesn’t quite fit in these categories, feel free to run it by me. In every case, your final paper/project must draw on a minimum of three of the required readings. Reference your sources (required and not) with full citation using MLA (Modern Language Association) formatting.

1)    Write a 10-12 page close analysis of discourses of gender and sexuality in a television program or film of your choice, drawing on the readings and discussions. You can also consider advertising, exhibition, scheduling, and reception.

2)    Write a 10-12 page close analysis of discourses of gender and sexuality in a specific instance of new media, such as a video game, online interface, or transmedia textual network.

3)    Write 5 2-page film or television (episode) reviews, in a popular critical voice, interrogating issues of gender and sexuality throughout. These reviews should be informed by the ideas we’ve encountered in theory readings and discussions, but they can be written in a more informal, popular, or playful tone.

4)    Write a 10-12 page paper exploring the discourses of gender and sexuality in a specific case of audience textual creativity, such as personal web pages, bulletin board participation, fan fiction/art/vids, etc.

5)    Create a film, visual essay (vid), webisode, or script that addresses the themes of gender, sexuality, and media raised in class. In addition, write a 5 page paper in which you connect your creative work to the ideas raised in class and in the required readings.

You will have the opportunity to submit an optional rough draft for feedback. Whether you submit a rough draft or not, I encourage you to choose a topic that you feel truly excited about, start working on it early, and give yourself plenty of time to research, draft, rewrite, and proofread.

We will hold a mini conference/screening at the end of the semester where you will have the opportunity to share your projects with each other.

Due Date: December 8th

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