1 Page Screening Response Essays

Every week, I will offer prompts to guide your viewing and our discussion. Every other week, you will write a short essay responding to these screening prompts, drawing on at least one appropriate reading to support your analysis. (This amounts to a total of 5 1-page papers over the course of the semester.) Each paper should have a thesis and focus, and a title (as creative as you want!) that reflects this thesis and focus. You do not need to respond to all of the prompts; just the ones that inspire you and seem connected to the ideas you want to explore. These papers must be written in 12 point font, and must fit on one page only. Beyond that, you can play with the margins, font, and structure to squeeze in as much as you want to, depending on the essay. Submit the finished document as attachment via email, in either a Microsoft Word or Pages accessible document. Be sure to review, revise, and proofread these essays before sending them to me. Please use the email header: GSM2010 1 PAGE ESSAY

I will return these essays to you, graded and with feedback, using the comment function in Microsoft Word. You will have the opportunity to revise these short essays once (due a week after you’ve received feedback) based on my comments. I will average together the earlier and later grade to determine your final grade for each essay. However, your rewrite can only increase your grade; I will not reduce your grade beyond the original, so rewriting can only help!

Quick Glance Screening Response Due Dates:

Screening Response 1 due via email on Friday  9/24 [on prompts from week 1 &/or 2]

Screening Response 2 due via email on Friday 10/8 [on prompts from weeks 3 &/or 4]

Screening Response 3 due via email on Friday 10/22 [on prompts from week 5 &/or 6]

Screening Response 4 due via email on Friday 11/12 [on prompts from week 8 &/or 9]

Screening Response 5 due via email on Friday 12/3 [on prompts from week 10 &/or 11]