Blog Collectives

For the second part of the semester, we’ll be dividing into blog collectives and you’ll be commenting and responding more regularly to the members of your collective. You’ll still need to comment twice each week, but to someone within your collective, and respond to every comment that you receive.

Collective 1:

Kylie Atwood, Maria Bourdeau, Jamal Davis, Ty Flynn, Geoff Kalan

Collective 2:

Evan Auguste,  Andrew Emerson, Anna Gallagher, Lauren Greer, Vedika Khanna,

Collective 3:

Kaylen Baker, Talel Ben Jemia, Giao Dang, Ellie Krause, Harrison Watkins

Collective 4:

Jess Davies, Sam Fisher, Tyler Sandoval, Tara Quinn, Diana Rodriguez

Collective 5:

Alice Lin,  Michael Griffin, Harrison Watkins, Ally Silberkleit, Kaitlyn Lee

Collective 6

Santana Snyder, Maggie Melberg, Allan Stafford,  Robbie Carpenter-Israel, Grace Waters,


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