Group-Led Presentations/Discussions

In the first couple of weeks of class (by February 13th), you will indicate your preference for a particular week/topic of class.

[To submit your top 3 preferences for topic, go here.]

To the best of my ability, I’ll make your presentation/discussion groups based on interest. Your job as a group is to tackle the topic and readings for your assigned week with special attention (not that you won’t be bringing attention to the readings each week!) After having done the readings, meet as a group to brainstorm:

a) a summary of what you feel are the core unifying (or dividing!) points of the readings

b) a series of discussion questions that you’d like to see explored in class, and

c) a related topic to dig in to with some additional research, online and/or in the library that you can present to the class as an example or counterpoint to the discussion.

When the week comes around for your group’s presentation, you will offer your insights, present any interesting or surprising findings from your research, and coordinate discussion around your questions.

*Please note: On your presentation day, be sure to bring a sheet of paper that contains the synthesized overview of the readings and a write up of your discussion questions. And don’t forget to include the names of your members on the sheet.

For your presentation, feel free to use powerpoint or keynote, or to show clips on youtube, etc., but please, if using powerpoint or the like, do not overdo with text on your slides, and don’t just read from your powerpoint. Think about millennial approaches to powerpoint presenting!

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