Videographer Wanted

Contact: Joanna Shipley, Biology Coordinator, MBH 375,
WHAT: A paid job to video-record a biology talk on November 8 (Thursday) from 4:30pm to 5:30pm in BiHall (MBH 220), then upload it so it can be viewed by faculty by that weekend. We’ve reserved a camera and tripod at Armstrong Library and will pay for time to practice with the equipment in addition to the actual recording and uploading time.
DATE: Thurs Nov 8, 2018
COMPENSATION: Pays level C ($11.14/hour)

Videographer Wanted

Name: Judy


WANTED: Celtic Harp Recording 
DATE: Flexible

A good friend who plays Celtic harp is looking for someone to make a short video of her playing, to put on her website. She doesn’t have a whole lot of money to pay for this, so is wondering if maybe someone could do it as a class project or just to gain experience. She’s happy to bring her harp wherever necessary. 

Editing Gig

I am a local resident looking for student or staff help on a modest video project. I’m a senior citizen, reasonably skilled in digital photography (Photoshop, etc.) but not in video. I have over a dozen CD’s of analog family video that has been digitalized and now wish to edit and sort it. I note your involvement in Digital Projects and wonder if you could recommend someone who might have some time to get me started on the project. I’m an Apple user with a 27” iMac so probably have the computer capability of handling the project. I’d guess that it might involve  5 to ten hours over a month or two and am, of course, prepared to pay for the help.

I look forward to your suggestion/s.

Max Kraus

New Software – Red Giant Universe

Did you know that we added Red Giant Universe to our software offerings just for you? We did.

Red Giant Universe is a subscription service that provides 74 GPU-accelerated video transitions and effects that can be accessed directly within adobe premiere. It is currently installed on the two iMac computers in Axinn 014. To try it out, open any project in Premiere and browse to the effects tab and browse or search for rgu to find all of the Red Giant Universe transitions and effects.

To learn how to use some of these effects, check out these tutorials and filter by Type:Product Quick Tips and by Product:Universe.

To learn more about the Red Giant Universe Offerings check out the Tools.

Are these tools useful? Are they easy to use? Your feedback is always welcome.



Volunteer Position

Name: Lara Mones


Description: Scrag Mountain Music will present its last music residency of the year from May 14 – 20 and is looking to record the rehearsals, outreach programs, and concerts to turn into a short “About Scrag Mountain Music” video.

This is a volunteer position, though transportation and meals will be included. There is also the potential to turn this into a longer marketing/media internship, if the student will be around next year.

Crew Call for Feb Break!

Call for Crew

“Blue in Green”

SYNOPSIS: Jenn and Cody are a young Vermont couple who steal car batteries and other parts to pay for their heroin-addiction. Aaron is a struggling jazz musician whose mother is dying of cancer. He is also just getting his license back after getting busted for a DUI. Aaron house-sits for his parents while they are out of town getting his mother surgery, and gets wasted off of red wine and his mother’s medicinal marijuana. He then gets offered a last minute gig opening for a prominent musician, and once again gets behind the wheel in a far-from-sober state. But the car won’t start, and we cut Jenn and Cody, who have stolen its battery and other parts.

DATES: February 2nd-5th, 2018

WHO: Director Hannah Marks (2015.5) needs current Middlebury students who are looking for on-set crew experience! Must be familiar with the FMMC equipment and be available for at least 2 of the shooting days.

WHERE: Burlington and Fairfax, Vermont. Transportation and lodging can be provided if necessary.

CONTACT: Sinead (