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Registration Forms:
– READ these Best Guest Guidelines please first
– Now fill out this registration form

Registration Fee:
– Little Blues, Rockhoppers and Macaronis for 16 weeks $150 (choose Group 1)
– Adelies for 16 weeks $225 (choose Group 2)
– Galapagos’, Gentoos and Emperors for 16 weeks $275 (choose Group 3)
– Payment must be received by October 31. Lesson prices will increase by $30 after October 31.
– This year we are charging a one-time equipment fee to allow the club to buy equipment to help the skaters learn to do jumps better. The fee is $12.50.
Scholarship Form

More Information:
– All children in the local community are eligible to join regardless of College affiliation.
– The minimum age is five years by December 31.
– If you have more than 2 skaters in your family, the first 2 will pay full, the youngest skaters will pay ½ of the registration fee.
– Families will have costume expenses (between $20-$100 per number)