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Ordering a subsidized looseleaf print copy

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Regarding student print copies, when a student launches the eTextbook site from the Course Hub, they will see a link titled, Prefer a printed copy (additional cost)?

When a student clicks on the link they will be able to purchase a looseleaf, three-hole punched, black and white version of their book directly from McGraw-Hill and the site is promoted by a SEO company online so it reach more users. The price of the print version is $28 for books under 600 pages, and $34 for books over 600 pages. (Students can print on their own too, either through their LIS account or on a personal printer.)

These copies are ground shipped from a single location in Ohio, so it should take 2-5 days for students to receive their print version. Here are a few examples. The sample to the right is for one textbook but the one below shows three textbook options, all which are required for the course. Students have the option to order all three for printing, only the textbook, and so on.

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