Data Points from Bloom and Hopkins to Inform Center

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  • “Tenure line faculty members thus face little incentive, few precedents, and some risk in designing an innovative curriculum that combines theory and practice, one of the key elements needed for social entrepreneurship to thrive in an academic environment.“ (Bloom, 4)
    • No force in the undergraduate experience to applying learning
    • The Center would do well to facilitate
      • Learning from experience and in the field
      • Enabling and empowering for future experiences
    • Incentive structure to change the curriculum and method of teaching
      • Tenured faculty
  • Research methods in Psychology
    • Opportunity Creation Process (Bloom, 15)
    • Teaching how to do research and develop own ideas
    • This structure and method already exists in Middlebury in some departments
      • Utilize the current resources to push the process of the Center
  • Service work on a smaller scale (Hopkins, 38)
    • Connected to data from Davis participants
      • Learning from experience
    • Doing local work on a smaller scale can help as a “dry run”
    • Focusing on Addison County
  • Achieving results on scale (Hopkins, 42)
    • Center allowing students to develop a basic skill sets
  • Formally institutionalize opportunities for SE (Hopkins, 36-7)
    • Lower the barriers to entry for students to get involved
    • Providing a Minor in SE
      • More accessible than going out on a limb with extra-curricular activity
    • Transfer credit
    • Alternative study abroad experience
    • Extra incentive for students to do these projects may be a significant nudge
  • Mission and Focus of MIT Center (Hopkins, 35-6)
    • “…our focus cannot be on programmatic development and resource acquisition alone; our main task is to find ways to convince students that they can effectively work as collaborative change agents abroad, to figure out streamlined ways to prepare them to do so, and to enable effective integration of lessons learned when they returned.”
    • Center is not about the program and resources but finding the way to inspire young people to become change agents
    • Help people develop the capabilities to become entrepreneurs
    • Connection to Social Enterprise Alliance (Hilary)
  • Need for social entrepreneurship (Hopkins, 4)
    • Inherent in academics- connecting oneself to the world and opening up to let experiences advise learning and future experiences
    • “The greatest lesson I internalized was a recurrent message in all of the speakers’ presentations: globalization is inevitable, but its consequences are not – and while we cannot stop its onslaught, we have a responsibility to be “good parents” of globalization through a well-guided implementation of technology to fit social needs around the world.”
    • Constant of flexibility
    • Importance of fluidity
  • Importance of technology (Hopkins, 31)
    • Change from command and control to collaborative
    • Enhance the flattening of the world
  • Importance of traveling as a foundation of understanding the interaction with the face of the world
  • Reshaping the classroom in terms of how we teach certain subjects (Bloom, 27)
    • Education is not the only focus but need to apply
    • Next step is strengthen efforts by experience with application
  • Bridge all spheres- public, private, voluntary (Bloom, 10-11)
    • This is important in the Center
  • “…Address the often-weak connection between professed mission and actual strategy, resulting in unsatisfactory outcomes.” (Bloom, 21)
    • Feasible outcomes and strategies
  • Interdisciplinary need of social entrepreneurship (Bloom, 5)
    • Social entrepreneurship has no true academic home
    • Need to develop a new academic generation and realign focus of academic institutions
    • Why Middlebury? Focus and demonstration of interdisciplinary academics

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