One thought on “Noam Chomsky Talks About WikiLeaks

  1. Michael Wowk

    Regarding Iran getting their hands on apocalyptic weapons this article is especially insightful:

    So, it looks like disarming Iran is pretty important. Hitchens has been saying all along! At the conclusion of another article ( he says, “might it be better to wait and to fight later on more equal terms? Just asking”.

    Also pay attention to the underlying religious and ethnic dimensions mentioned in the article. I was debating with a Muslim and Jewish Israeli citizen (there are Muslims in Israel too) about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict last week. We talked a lot about its geopolitics so I brought up how deeply religious the problem is. In its original form the central monotheisms are an expression of exclusivism. It isn’t as fundamental and sectarian as fundamentalist Judaism, but Zionism is not unknown. It is true that the god of the old testament hands out real-estate, as witnessed by Jehovah. The Quaran also says that no good Muslim shall give up an inch of Muslim land. We have these competing religion doctrines make a banal mutual concession on territory an impossible and terrifying conflict involving apocalyptic weapons.

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