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Another TED talk. This is John Hardy who has created a Green School in Bali with his wife Cynthia three years ago. The schools is really green–in all senses. The school teaches both traditional “school” subjects as well as green subjects (like growing food). The school is committed to keeping about a fourth of it the student population Balinese as well as making sure the teachers are as well; with that said, from the images and clips in the video it seems as if the school is not that ethnically and racially diverse. This short talk is very interesting and I would encourage everyone to check it out. I have also included a link to their website.

John Hardy TED talk

Green School Website



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  1. Hector Vila

    I suppose that one of the challenges is to move away from the notion that if we ‘go green’ all other problems will automatically end as well — but we’re forgetting that if expand the metaphor of “green”, we must therefore include the notion of diversity. Bio-diversity, for instance.

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