Eggleston Lab sampling onboard the R/V Folger Summer 2018

I joined the Department of Biology faculty at Middlebury College as Assistant Professor of Biology in Fall 2017. My focus here will be molecular microbial ecology. I will initially teach BIOL 140 Ecology and Evolution, BIOL 365 Molecular Microbial Ecology, BIOL 310 Microbiology, and a senior seminar BIOL 449 Extremophiles: conquering Earth’s Extreme Environments. I will continue a research collaboration with Dr. Michael Twiss at Clarkson University examining microbial communities in the wetlands along the St. Lawrence River and their ability to mobilize methyl mercury. The Eggleston Lab is also starting work investigating cyanobacterial harmful algal bloom dyanamics in Lake Champlain.

I’m a contributor at Femina Sciscitator, where we aim to create a space to empower women in science. If you have suggestions or would like to contribute, let us know!

**If you’re interested in joining the Eggleston Lab please email me with your specific research interests, your CV or resume, and your current transcript: eeggleston at middlebury dot edu. In your email include whether you want to volunteer, work for a wage, or carry our independent research for credit. If you are interested in earning credit you will need to attend weekly Ecology & Evolution Subgroup meetings on Weds 12:30-1:20pm**

Sampling Lake Superior sediments on the UNOLS Chief Scientist Training Cruise summer 2016. Photo by Bethany Kolody

Before coming to Middlebury College I spent a year as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology at St. Lawrence University where I taught Biology 231 Microbiology. Previously I worked as an adjunct faculty member at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Sage College at Albany where I taught BIO 110 Environmental Issues, BIO 208L Microbiology, BIOL 2120 Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory, and BIOL 4320 Microbiology Laboratory. I completed my PhD in Department of Microbiology at Cornell University in August 2015 where I worked in the Hewson Laboratory. My dissertation research explored aquatic bacterial and viral communities, primarily in Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, using a suite of molecular biological techniques. My full CV can be found here.