This course will give you three opportunities to excel: (a) problem sets and course participation; (b) three mid-term exams; and (c) and a final project.

1.  Problem sets and course participation (25%)

There will be three problem sets, designed to test your use of microeconomic tools and your deep knowledge of the material.  Participation is measured by your attentiveness and leadership in the course (and yes, by your attendance in class.) Problem sets and participation will be equally weighted.

2.  Mid-term exams (15% each)

The three mid-term exams will be designed to test your full understanding of the material.  The first will be given eight days before the college’s ‘drop’ deadline (Friday, October 14.)

3.  The final project (30%)

The final project is an opportunity to show your full understanding of the course material and its application to economic development challenges in Middebury.

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