This course will give you four opportunities to excel: (a) problem sets; (b) course participation; (c) two midterm exams; and (d) and a final exam.

1.  Problem sets (25%)

There will be four problem sets, designed to test your use of microeconomic tools and your deep knowledge of the material. Your grade for these will be the average of your top three scores (giving you the option of opting out of one).

2.  Course participation (15%)

Participation is measured by your attentiveness and leadership in the course (and yes, by your attendance in class) as well as your use of the office hours.

3.  Midterm exams (10% and 20%)

Two mid-term exams will be designed to test your full understanding of the material.

4.  Final exam (30%)

The day and time for the final exam will be announced soon