In-class material

Week of May 5

Week of April 14:

Material on development and other interesting stuff:

Wednesday, April 2

More material on the Piketty book and inequality, writ large:

Friday March 7th

Here are the topics that you shared in class:

  • Youth unemployment
  • Poaching
  • Water scarcity
  • Discrimination
  • Cheap natural gas
  • Corruption
  • Population growth
  • Exploitation by corporations
  • Accounting for externalities
  • World hunger
  • Malnutrition
  • Accurate distribution of goods
  • Over consumption/waste
  • Access to capital
  • Nuclear weapons
  • Pollution regulation, hold people accountable
  • Political freedom/rights
  • Access to health care
  • Labor
  • Food production
  • Sustainability

Wednesday, February 26th

  • Questions based on this NBC clip
    • Is demand for food likely to be elastic or inelastic?  Explain your answer
    • In the clip, where do we hear of an example (or examples) of a shift in supply? A shift in demand?
    • In the clip, Jasmine Forte is shown using coupons. What does this tell us about the elasticity of her demand for groceries?  In terms of her reported behavior, what other evidence do we have in the clip about the elasticity of her demand for groceries?
    • Later in the clip, she makes a comment about coffee: ‘There will always be coffee in this house!’ What does this statement tell us about the elasticity of her demand for coffee? Why is her demand for coffee likely to have this quality?
    • Based on your answer above and what you know about coffee, is this drought likely to be good for coffee farmers. Explain.
    • What, if anything, should elected officials do about these rising food prices? Defend your answer.


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