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Motion 3

It’s official: my personal goal for the summer is to learn Motion 3. In only a few days of exploring the program, I’ve been amazed at how powerful it is. You can manipulate videos in real time and add incredible 3D motion graphics. It’s relatively simple to learn; I’d say a combination between Flash (use of keyframes and behaviors), Photoshop (text manipulation, particles), Blender (3D environment), and Final Cut Pro (which is completely compatible with Motion)

The problem is that Motion 3 does not have many ‘step by step’ tutorials available for free. (it was released only a year ago) The best place I’ve found is a blog by Mark Spencer entitled “All about Motion“. His blog is very informative but he often posts tutorials on advanced features of Motion, something I’m not ready for yet. He has produced 2 DVDs which go through Motion quite well (I’ve listened to samples) but they are 100$ a piece.

As a side note, I’ve realized how important a good voice is to a video tutorial. For example, the voice of the Official Apple Tutorial sounds like the guy from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, which I found to be rather condescending. For now, my best bet is to follow a youtuber who posts some basic Motion 3 tutorials, but not in any logical sequence. I found his southern tutorial voice to be a little distracting as well, but I appreciate his commitment to Motion 3 learners (he has nearly 50 videos).

Anyway, back to the brilliance of Motion 3. To see an example of the cool things you can do, check out:




There are many more, but for now I’m sticking to the basics. Hopefully, by the end of the summer, I’ll be ready to give a workshop on Motion 3 myself. (I’ll need to practice my tutorial voice first).

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