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Blender Resources

I think Brendan and I are the only ones working in Blender right now, but I thought it would be good to have some future references in case we need to model humans again. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, modeling humans for fun.

Basic Human Face

Human Nose Animation

Example and tips, upper male torso

Several Links Pertaining to Human Modeling

There are also some YouTube related videos if you care to search.


Blender Artists Forum

Rome Reborn

While looking for materials on the Nero’s Golden House project, I stumbled across another project called Rome Reborn. This project is the brainchild of a man working at the University of Virginia. Essentially it’s a collaboration project between historians, classicists, and virtual model makers to recreate Rome and exhibit it during its stages of evolution from the Bronze Age to the Gothic Wars. I just find it very interesting that other academic institutions are also looking into the use of virtual modeling software as a teaching tool.

This model, however, is not longer in academic hands. It has been sold to a tourism company in Rome. The company plans to present the entirety of the program in a building and download it onto GPS programs so that tourists can travel Rome and see it as it once was while they walk. If you’d like to read more click here. There are also several YouTube videos touring the major sites, such as the Colosseum and the Forum.

The Forum

The Colosseum

Hey Guys, I just thought I’d share one of my all-time favorite flash videos with you. It’s a music video for “War Photographer” by Jason Forrest and it’s animated by Joel Trussell.

Here’s the link with the info:

and here’s a link if you want to watch it in full screen (recommended):

This is a great example of using Flash effectively with other media (music) and Trussell is really able to do a lot with some pretty simple animations. If you like his style, check out the links to his site and look up some of his other animations, especially the other music videos. Besides, who doesn’t like Vikings, Robots, and Rock music?

Carbon Goggles

Visualizing carbon emmisions using Second Life…

The website is Carbon Goggles, check it out for more visualizations.

Flash Tutorial

For those of you who’d like to get a little more in-depth with flash or just have a habit of forgetting a lot of the things we’ve been taught already (guilty) this tutorial is how I began teaching myself flash towards the end of the year. It’s extremely-user friendly and it’s nice to know that the user clearly knows what they’re doing in flash since the tutorial is entirely flash-based.

Flash Tutorial

Mostly this is geared towards people who want to create animation using flash, but who hasn’t ever wanted to make a cartoon?

Wall-painted animation by BLU

Alhaji posted this a while back, thought it loked better here than in the email :) Anyone know if the painting still exists?

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