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I’ve not sure if anyone else will be doing any scripting in Second Life but here a few resources that could help you. They also happen to be some of the ONLY resources I’ve been able to find.

Heaton Research- This page features online versions of Second Life scripting books. The online versions don’t include every chapter but they are a great introduction to LSL (the Linden Scripting Language).

LSL Portal – The LSL portion of the Second Life wiki. This is a great resource once you have some idea of what you are doing. Especially helpful are the detailed descriptions and examples for all built in LSL functions.

Second Life Wiki – This is the main Second Life wiki page. This is a good reference for many other Second Life issues

Another great LSL resource that is accessible from within Second Life is the College of Scripting, Music, and Science located at (68, 207, 84). The college has a multi-story building featuring different scripting topics being covered on each floor complete with example objects with working scripts.

I hope someone finds all this helpful.

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