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Hey guys,

I know Photoshop is not for everyone. It takes oodles of practice and working with a mouse can be an extremely frustrating experience. If you find Photoshop is not for you and still want to work with digital art in some capacity, Illustrator is your best option. Since the program is vectored, your anchor points can constantly be adjusted and coloring involves a few button clicks instead of the crayon method. So if you’d like to try Illustrator for some artistic purposes, here are some tutorials you might find helpful.

Beginner 1

Beginner 2
(If you follow the links in the Artist’s Comments box, she has several other tutorials on Illustrator, each dealing with different aspects of creating art.)

If you’re feeling adventurous, these tutorials assume you have a wider range of experience.

Intermediate 1
(To get to part two look for the link in the Artist’s Comments box.)

Intermediate 2

If you’re feeling exceptionally adventurous, here are a couple of expert level tutorials.

Expert 1

Expert 2

Expert 3

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