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Hey DMTs! (mimicking Aaron fantabulous A capella) haha…

Anyway, to a more serious note now!
In line with Joe’s most recent post, i think it would be really cool if we start exploring ideas on how to go abt creating a M’bury virtual campus in second life. We could do this. Others have.
A couple of campuses such as Ohio uni & Harvard Law school have already been created in second life why not Midd…?

check out the youtube video & the link below for more info — any thoughts??


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  1. Aaron Smith says:

    I like the idea. It would be a good way to give Middlebury a presence on Second Life and allow staff and faculty to use it as another way of exploring our campus. Imagine admissions pointing people to Second Life to get a virtual taste of Middlebury. Let’s look into this.

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