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I heard about this during the week-end while listening to one of my favorite podcasts : The Skeptics Guide to the Universe

It is an article that summarizes a new development in supercomputers. What is not said in this article but emphasized on the show is that the technicians that worked on it said that we are moving toward having those available to the general public in a close future(for a very steep price). Right now they are only used for military and research purposes.

They actually used 8 “Cell Processors” in this supercomputer. The “Cell” Technology is already available to the general public through Sony’s PlayStation 3

I can’t wait to have one of these “petaflops” on my desk(or under I guess)… Now I regret even more not going for a Ps3 instead of a 360…

And this also delays once more the building of my “Ultimate Computer” which is supposed to have the best available Processors, GFX card, memory etc… all under 2000 bucks; The technology that is available is constantly developing, which cause prices to decrease in very short periods of time; what was a great bargain last week may be a rip-off the week after.

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