A common rule of thumb is that people are much more forgiving of poor video than they are for weak audio. Having a bad audio soundtrack makes some pieces difficult if not impossible to consume. headphones

For that reason is it is extremely important to collect good audio and not count on editing audio to make it better. (That is very, very difficult to do.)

To begin this section of the project we’re going to do a few things first;

Task #1 – Podcast Scan

  • Locate at least 3 podcasts that you really like. These should be specific podcasts not a provider of podcasts.
  • Pick out a short section 30 – 60 seconds of the podcasts that frames something that you like best about that podcast.
  • Share this information via a page on your portfolio dedicated to podcasting

Task #2 – Create your Podcast

One challenge for this week will be to create a brief and entertaining podcast to use as a means to familiarize yourself with Audacity. If you can think of a podcast that you would like to create on your own – go for it!

Otherwise here’s your challenge:

You are tasked with creating a 1 – 2 minute podcast directed at first year students who will soon be arriving at Middlebury. The topic of your podcast is helping first years get acclimated to technology at Middlebury. Picture that this podcast is something that would be shared officially by Middlebury so content should be appropriate for a wide Middlebury audience if they were to stumble upon your podcast. Also – try to pick a specific sub-topic about technology so the podcast is focused. You might want to think of it from a “Did you know….” perspective.

Now – create a storyboard for your podcast including a rough outline of the narrative along with any sound effects, music, etc that you might want to incorporate in the podcast. Add a link to the podcasting page on your portfolio to your script

Task #3 – Share Your Podcast

Use Panopto to upload and share your podcast with the rest of the interns. Embed or create a link to your audio file on your portfolio podcasting page.

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