Create an Extreme Selfie

What you will need:

For this challenge you will need:

  • a digital version of a picture of yourself
  • a drawing that you would like to integrate into either the background or foreground of your image

In addition, you may add other photo or drawing elements as you desire.

Outcome – What will you CREATE?

The outcome for this challenge is a 400 px (width) x 600 px (height) image file with yourself as the focus that could be classified as an “extreme selfie”. You may ‘doctor’ photos and drawings in Photoshop, however you will need to be prepared to share your work and explain your process.

SCARY! How do I start?

Rather than walk you through this process we are going to have you dive into the work using this tutorial series  .as a guide. (Suggestion – look for the info you need and watch those sessions as you perform the work. See how much you can figure out on your own. This process will strengthen your ability to work with students/faculty/staff on their Photoshop projects.)

When your selfie is complete – share it on your portfolio!

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