Who We Are

DLA Leadership

Sarah Payne, Postdoctoral Fellow in the DLA

Sarah Payne joins Middlebury from Northeastern University where she recently earned her doctorate in English literature. Her dissertation examined the concept of “racelessness” in twentieth century American women’s literature. Her next project uses digital tools to visualize and map racelessness across literary settings. At Northeastern, she worked for the Digital Scholarship Group and the NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks.  Sarah has particular expertise in digital exhibits and archives, but is available to consult on a wide variety of digital tools and projects.


Amy Morsman, Faculty Director of the DLA; Professor of History

 Amy Feely Morsman came to Middlebury in the fall of 2001.  A native Virginian, she earned her degrees from Wake Forest University and the University of Virginia.  She teaches courses in American History, primarily around the topics of the Civil War and women’s history.  Her research interests lie in the historical evolution of gender roles, race relations, and regional differences.  Her first book, The Big House After Slavery: Virginia Plantation Families and their Postbellum Domestic Experiment, was published by the University of Virginia Press in 2010.  She is working on a new book project that focuses on race relations and the legacy of the abolition movement in the postbellum Northeast.


Jim Ralph, Dean of Faculty Development & Research; Director, Center for Teaching, Learning, & Research; and Rehnquist Professor of American History and Culture

DLA Executive Steering Committee Member

Jim Ralph is the Dean for Faculty Development and Research. He is also the director of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research. He has taught in the History Department, where he specializes in American History, particularly the Civil Rights Movement, since 1989. He is the Rehnquist Professor of American History and Culture. He is the author of Northern Protest: Martin Luther King, Jr., Chicago, and the Civil Rights Movement.


Jason Mittell, Senior Adviser to the DLA; Professor of Film & Media Culture and American Studies

DLA Executive Steering Committee Member

Jason Mittell teaches in Film & Media Culture and American Studies, and his research focuses on American television, film, and digital media, narrative theory, and cultural studies. He is an advocate and innovator for open access and open review publishing and the promotion of academic fair use. His digital work has foregrounded video essays, co-founding the journal of videographic criticism, [in]Transition.


Mike Roy, Dean of the Library

DLA Executive Steering Committee Member

Mike Roy is the Dean of the Library at Middlebury College. Middlebury’s library partners with students and faculty in the creation of a 21st century information environment that spans traditional and emerging formats, and supports access to critical sources, tools for  the creation of knowledge, and platforms for dissemination and collaboration.


Amy Collier, Associate Provost for Digital Learning

DLA Executive Steering Committee Member

As the Associate Provost for Digital Learning at Middlebury College, Amy Collier provides strategic vision and leadership to position Middlebury as a leading innovator in creating and sustaining a global learning community through the effective use of digital pedagogies and technologies. Working closely with the provost, other associate provosts, and the deans/VPAAs who oversee Middlebury programs, Amy identifies and pursues opportunities for Middlebury to create online and hybrid/blended courses and programs that meet the highest standards of academic integrity and pedagogical innovation; enable Middlebury to leverage its intellectual and pedagogical resources, within and across locations of the institution; connect diverse Middlebury programs with each other; and enrich the experience of current and potential Middlebury learners, from undergraduates and graduate students earning Middlebury degrees to a global community of alumni and professionals.


Profile photo of Bill Koulopoulos

Bill Koulopoulos, Director of Learning Spaces and Infrastructures

DLA Executive Steering Committee Member

Bill Koulopoulos is the Director of Academic Technology at Middlebury College. In his role he oversees the delivery of new faculty and student training initiatives in the meaningful use of instructional  technologies and promotes experimentation with and assessment of innovative research and teaching methods.


Ryan ClementRyan Clement, Data Services Librarian

As the Data Services Librarian, Ryan Clement provides general research and technology assistance to students, faculty, and staff at Middlebury, and specialized assistance to those working with data, particularly in the social sciences and humanities. He can help with projects involving finding, acquiring, managing, interpreting, analyzing, and visualizing data.



Faculty Fellows 2019-2020

Kathryn Morse, Professor of History and John C. Elder Professor in Environmental Studies

Kathryn Morse teaches courses in United States history, with particular focus on the history of the American West, and United States Environmental History.  She also teaches courses in the Program in Environmental Studies, for which she served as director from 2008 – 2011.  Her first book, The Nature of Gold:  An Environmental History of the Klondike Gold Rush, was published in 2003 and she is currently working on an illustrated environmental history of the United States.


Louisa Stein, Associate Professor of Film and Media Culture

Louisa Stein’s courses include: Gender/Sexuality/MediaTelevision and American CultureRemix Culture, and Sherlock Holmes Across Media. Louisa’s work explores audience engagement in transmedia culture, with emphasis on questions of gender and generation. Her research investigates how meanings circulate across history, across media platforms and technologies, and between media producers and audiences. Louisa is author of Millennial Fandom: Television Audiences in the Transmedia Age (University of Iowa Press, 2015). She is also co-editor of Sherlock and Transmedia Fandom (McFarland, 2012) and Teen Television: Programming and Fandom (McFarland, 2008).