Apply for DLA Funding

Guidelines for DLA Funding

The general purpose of the DLA funding program is to encourage Middlebury faculty and staff to try new digital methods, learn new digital skills, or master advanced digital skills that will enhance their teaching, research, or professional development. Funding may support acquisition of software or hardware that the College does not already provide and that regular departmental and other sources of internal funding cannot cover in an expedited fashion; hiring a student research assistant; research travel; travel to a conference focused on digital research or teaching; travel to a training opportunity, such as a workshop on digital methods; or expenses related to bringing to campus a speaker or workshop instructor whose expertise will contribute to awareness or training in an important digital tool or method.

The DLA Executive Committee will review proposed projects in consultation with appropriate technical specialists and faculty experts to ensure that each project can be supported. Proposals for projects up to $3,000 will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Projects with larger budgets will be reviewed twice each semester. This year there will be four reviews of larger projects, with deadlines for applications on Nov. 1, Jan 15, March 1, and May 15. Applicants will be notified of decisions as soon as possible. Please be advised that DLA funding is limited; it is unlikely that we can consider funding requests of over $10,000.

The online proposal form lays out the specific information required in applications. Applicants are highly encouraged to consult with Jason Mittell (faculty director of DLA) or Michael Kramer (associate director of DLA) before submitting their application, to discuss the suitability of the proposal and budget. To request a consultation, email

Successful applicants will be required to submit a short report at the conclusion of the award that explains how the tool, workshop, conference, or lecture contributed to the applicant’s professional development. Excerpts from this report may be published on the DLA website for the purpose of sharing information and opportunities with colleagues. Failure to submit this report may affect access to future DLA funding.