Digital liberal arts is a highly collaborative process, drawing on a wide range of expertise on and beyond campus. The DLA welcomes consultation for Middlebury faculty, students, or staff at any point in the process of developing a digital project, from the earliest seeds of an idea to moments along the way to completion and publicizing of work. Click here to schedule a consultation with Sarah Payne, DLA Postdoctoral Fellow. You can also contact Sarah at

About Sarah

Sarah joins Middlebury from Northeastern University where she recently earned her doctorate in English literature. Her dissertation examined the concept of “racelessness” in twentieth century American women’s literature. Her next project uses digital tools to visualize and map racelessness across literary settings. At Northeastern, she worked for the Digital Scholarship Group and the NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks.  Sarah has particular expertise in digital exhibits and archives, but is available to consult on a wide variety of digital tools and projects.



Race After Tech_Cover.jpg

What Sarah’s Reading:

Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code (2019) by Ruha Benjamin 

Race After Technology is essential reading, decoding as it does the ever-expanding and morphing technologies that have infiltrated our everyday lives and our most powerful institutions. These digital tools predictably replicate and deepen racial hierarchies — all too often strengthening rather than undermining pervasive systems of racial and social control.”

— Michelle Alexander, Union Theological Seminary, author of The New Jim Crow