Olivia Jin

Olivia is an Economics major at Middlebury College, and she started her work as a Digital Media Tutor during the summer of 2018. She is also a transfer student from University of Michigan, and she joined the Middlebury community as a sophomore in Fall 2017. Outside academics, she is a big lover of visual arts and she loves experimenting with Photoshop. By working in the media lab, she hopes to improve her Photoshop skills and explore other programs, such as Illustrator and InDesign. She also loves solving problems, so if you ever encounter any problems, she would be more than happy to help!

During the summer of 2018, she will be working on a Canvas site for French grammar with Professor Humbert. She will be working to polish the Canvas website that has already been started, specifically working on formatting. In addition, she will also be exploring different tools that could be used for the website, such as embedding voice recordings and creating games for users to practice their French.

Outside the media lab, you will find her working as a Green Dot intern or tabling for Amnesty International. You’ll also probably find her eating in Atwater dining hall or napping in random places around campus.

Olivia’s Projects