Tom Canaday ’17

Tom Canaday was a Film and English joint major in the class of 2017. He was also a Peer Writing TTom Canadayutor and a Poetry and Prose editor of the Blackbird Literary Magazine while he was a student at Middlebury.

Tom spent the summer of 2015 working on campus to become trained as a DMT. At first he found it stressful to try to scramble for solutions to problems that he hadn’t previously known existed, but he ending up loving gaining exposure to new programs and working collaboratively with the wide variety of people who come through the media lab.

Through his training and faculty projects, Tom has specialized in editing videos in Adobe Premiere. His knowledge of Premiere often came in handy for his film classes and he hopes he will be able to continue creating videos even after he graduates. Tom had this to share about his experience as a tutor:

“I’m divided on deciding what the most important part of the media tutor program is. Knowing various programs and being able to debug tech problems are skills that I will certainly need in whatever career I choose, but I think even more important are the customer service skills. As a tutor I learned how to help people relax by making them feel that I was on their side. I learned how to be patient with and find empathy for people in difficult moods… Even outside this single job I feel like I’m a better person now than I was before I became a media tutor. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to learn and practice these skills and I hope to keep practicing in the future.”


Tom’s Projects