Samantha Moog ‘14.5

Samantha Moog '14.5
Samantha Moog ‘14.5

Sam was a digital media tutor during the summer of 2013 through the fall 2013 semester. During her time in the digital media tutor program Sam’s work was integral in the creation of the Chicago Freedom Movement site, Privilege and Poverty and the Russian Reader site. We were so pleased to get this message from Sam in the Fall of 2014.

“I’m currently working as a project assistant at the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs on international elections monitoring work. The DMT work feeds into some of my responsibilities on the job. I help manage their Global Network of Domestic Election Monitors website (Drupal), edit interview footage and create short feature films in Adobe Premiere and also send out newsletters through Mail Chimp.
I’m really inspired to do more, and I think that with the skills you learn as a DMT, there is a real way to combine your topical interests (for me its the Middle East, international affairs) and your digital media skills to share information and make it more accessible in a way that everyone is craving nowadays. And, you can also make some extra cash! You don’t have to be a digital media whiz, or strive for the highest degree of perfection, either! Always keep your eyes out for opportunities to contribute your skills for the betterment of a project! I never thought that I’d be able to contribute to the organizations that I have worked for in this way. And I’m so happy and grateful for the opportunity to develop these truly marketable skills!
  1. “A History of Terrorism in Egypt’s Sinai,” published by The Middle East Institute. I researched and created an interactive timeline (Timeline JS) and map (Custom Google Map) along with this article that became quite popular on social media for Middle East Institute standards:
  2. “Egypt’s Economic Woes: A Visual Guide,” published by The Epoch Times and MEI. I researched and created the infographics for this publication (Illustrator):
  3. CreativeMinds Video Tutorials: I create – and get paid for!!! – instructional & promotional tutorials of WordPress plugins for YouTube and the CreativeMinds website. (Quicktime Pro for Screen capture, iMovie) My latest tutorial: “

I’m no digital media genius, and you don’t have to be! Truly, it’s incredible what a little bit of knowledge can grow into.


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