Pete Huffman ’17

Peter HuffmanPete Huffman graduated in 2017 with a degree in Computer Science.  He worked as a Digital Media Tutor for 2 years, including working over the 2013 summer.  As a tutor, Pete has learned to work in the Adobe Suite, build complex WordPress sites for academic purposes and collaborate on projects outside of the classroom.  His biggest challenge as a tutor has been trouble-shooting software issues that he has not seen before.

Pete’s biggest success as a media tutor was his creation of class registration tutorial videos for the Registrar’s Office.  The process of producing the videos and their content took well over two weeks and they’re now shown to all incoming freshmen.  Pete hopes to continue his work with media upon graduation, whether in the context of design marketing or in another career yet to be discovered. 🙂

In July of 2017 Peter shared that he will start working as a software engineer at EverQuote in Cambridge, MA as a member of their search-engine marketing team. He also had this to say about the tutor program:

“While working as a media tutor, I felt that I was simultaneously helping my fellow students and faculty while also learning myself.  My work improved my ability to explain complicated solutions and formally teach how to use software.  In addition, I feel digitally literate and I’ve developed skills that have opened up more possible careers in design and infotech.”

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