Motlatsi Nkhale ‘15.5

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 2.35.26 PMMotlatsi Nkhale ‘15.5 began his work as a digital media during the summer of 2015 and he quickly proved himself to be a highly valued and sought-after tutor. Motlatsi approached each project with a sense of curiousity and care that positvely impacted each project that he worked on. Some of the work that he completed during his time as a tutor included tutoring faculty on the use of Adobe Premiere to help them on their path towards flipping their classrooms, and transitioning a large amount of audio content from one platform to another to ensure its continued accessibility.

In the spring of 2016 we were thrilled to learn that Motlatsi was awarded the Watson Fellowship.

In the summer of 2018 Motlatsi shared that he had started a new job at Kick 4 Life.

“Kick4Life F.C. is a unique football club based in Lesotho in southern Africa. As a charity and a social enterprise, our mission is to change the lives and long-term prospects of vulnerable young people in Lesotho, through a wide range of social development activities focused on health, education and support towards sustainable livelihoods.”

Motlatsi serves as the Operations and Programe Director where he “oversees all community program delivery, HR and support structures at Kick4Life.” He reports that: “the skills I gained while working as a media tutor are absolutely useful in my current role. For instance, I manage the media team viz. the film producer, the graphic designer, and the media officer!”

We wish Motlatsi all the best in his new role!