Maggie Cochrane ’16

Maggie Cochrane graduated from Middlebury in the Spring of 2016 with a degree in Architecture.  As a student she worked as the student supervisor of the Digital Media Tutors as well as the online manager of the student newspaper website, The Middlebury Campus.

In the summer of 2018 Maggie shared that she was attending graduate school for Architecture at the University of Michigan and is due to graduate in 2020. During the summer of 2018 she was working at an architectural office in Michigan which specialized in contemporary Native American architecture. The office is designing and renovating health care facilities, justice centers, and BIA offices, among other projects. Maggie reports that she is really happy to be working at a firm that benefits an under-served population and had the following to share about her experience in the tutor program:

“Being a media tutor gave me an advantage when beginning architecture school! I already knew how to use Illustrator and Photoshop, and becoming versed in programs as a media tutor has helped me adjust to new architecture software very quickly. Understanding project management is a key part of being a media tutor as well as an architecture student, so that’s been beneficial as well.”

Here’s what Billy Sneed, Manager of Central Systems and Networks in ITS had to share about the video project that Maggie completed in collaboration with his workgroup:

“A quick note to express my gratitude to Maggie Cochrane for her expertise creating a video​ for us.

 It’ll be used to describe the process for determining if an end-user has a Middlebury managed Google account, or a standalone Google account. Without a way to educate the community on determining this, we couldn’t move forward on the project to sync all of the Middlebury users with our Google Apps for Education instance.

 Her initial draft was spot on, and only a tiny edit was requested. She turned that around swiftly and accurately. Everyone that has seen the video gushes at how well she understood the need and addressed it so succinctly. Thank you so much for freeing her time to create this for us. It’s a *huge* help.”

Maggie’s Projects