Leah Lavigne ’16

Leah Lavigne graduated in the spring of 2016 with a degree in English major and minors in history and film & media culture. Since starting in May 2015 as a Digital Media Tutor, her favorite

Leah Lavigne '16
Leah Lavigne ’16

aspect of the job was helping people overcome their feelings of intimidation to realize their abilities to learn and master software and technology. The biggest challenge – and most rewarding endeavor –  was adapting the desired creative vision of a project within the technological and logistic limitations of a medium.

Leah’s projects have included creating the Keys to S public course website for Professor of Russian Tom Beyer’s Fall 2015 first-year seminar on scholarly communication, learning introductory HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding through Codeacademy, using Illustrator to design numerous posters for the Middlebury College Bookstore, and completing digitization projects for faculty members.

Leah was also the managing editor of the student newspaper, The Middlebury Campus, and currently works in Burlington as a litigation paralegal.

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Leah’s Projects