Josh Espy ’17

Josh Espy graduated as an Architecture major in the spring of 2017. A native of Maine, Josh has been lucky enough to work for a couple of years in the Josh EspyDigital Media Lab where he helped students and faculty share their stories, passions, and events through graphic design, online content, and integrated web-based channels.  His media skill set centered around the Adobe creative suite, CAD and BIM modeling software and WordPress web design.  Despite the initial wrestling WordPress requires, it has been a great joy to help clients unleash the potential of their ideas through beautiful, fully responsive websites.  Josh was particularly thrilled with the new site which he helped launch in the summer of 2015.

After graduating from Middlebury, we got in touch with Josh to find out what he’s up to now, and his thoughts about the program. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m working as an architectural design intern at Arch 11 in Boulder Colorado. That entails using a host of media tools, relying particularly on photo rendering and graphic design with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and CAD.
My advice to newer students would be that beyond anything else I have done at Midd, the digital media tutoring program gave me by far my most hireable skills. Not just because I know software that are widely used in creative workspaces (although certainly that helps) but also because I  learned how to quickly approach and master new programs. The DMT program taught me a system for finding the answers I needed so that I could confidently approach any new program and say, “yeah, I can do this within a couple weeks” and then be able to teach others that new skill. That has been invaluable.”

Josh’s Projects