Emily Sarich ’16

emilyPhotoEmily Sarich is from Bayport, NY and graduated in 2016 with a degree in Computer Science.

She was a Digital Media Tutor since her sophomore year, when she spent the summer at Middlebury in the Media Tutor training program. During that summer, she worked on several faculty projects including the digitization of an Italian workbook and Russian placement exams, but her favorite project to work on was the Library Videos. In collaboration with two other tutors (the wonderful Maggie Cochrane and Denisse De La Cruz), she created three videos to help students learn about the library. She enjoyed working with the library staff and learning how to edit videos with Final Cut Pro.

In her spare time, Emily plays Quidditch, likes to swing dance, and loves the theater. We caught up to Emily in the summer of 2017 and here’s what she had to share about how her experience as a tutor has impacted her career after Middlebury:

“When my boss found out I had video editing knowledge, he put me in charge of a promotional video for a web application being built by another member of my team, and the video was presented at a Town Hall meeting for my entire division. I’ve also used the Adobe Suite extensively, to make designs for other applications on my team. All thanks to the DMT program!”

You can also view her portfolio here.

Emily’s Projects